What are our services?

Here at ViewTronic, we provide a multitude of services ranging from Smart Home Automation to House Hacking and Demolition.

With more than 15 years of experience in our hands, you can count on us to deliver your needs with top tier quality. 

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home • Office Automation • Systems & Solutions

Smart Home Camera

Smart night vision with Smart IR • Smart Tracking • Communication Anytime • Protects your Privacy – Sleep Mode • Security at your Fingertips 

Painting Services

For HDB, Condo & Private House

Painting Services

For HDB, Condo & Private House

Electrical Wiring & Installation

Troubleshooting, Installation of Power Point, Lighting Point, Ceiling Fan,
Lighting, DIY Smart Switch, Exhaust & Circuit Breaker

Demolition & Hacking

Whole house demolition and hacking services